Please Read

Firstly I want to say thanks for following us.

The past few months have been like a living hell I’ve felt low & isolated I’ve cried buckets of tears not all through sadness some through sheer frustration.

This Autism malarkey and all it’s associated conditions & behaviours have tipped my world upside down. 

Please don’t think for one second I say that through shame or the fact I can’t accept he has these conditions because this is not the case! 

Rueben is my whole world all his quirky traits and the crazy way in which he sees the world compared to others makes him all the more special. 

If anyone else is on this journey or has been on it shout up!! Knowledge is power and I’ve learnt already that ASD parents are full of knowledge and tips to support each other. Any I have learnt or pick up along the way I will also share. 

My aim is to support others who are on a similar journey to mine but to also educate people.

If you see a child jumping, flapping hands or lying on the floor screaming in what you may think is a tantrum remember Autism & Sensory issues aren’t something you can see! Don’t judge don’t talk under your breath about the mum who can’t control her screaming kid. I’ve been that mum!! Tap her on the shoulder tell her “you’ve got this” or throw her a smile. Sometimes people are fighting daily battles that others will never truly understand unless they have lived them.

It is estimated that more than 1 in 100 in the population is autistic. Autism is a part of every day life for millions of people so no one should ever feel alone whether your child has been diagnosed or you’re at the beginning of your journey as we are the support is out there.

There will be times when what I say may shock you because I’ve shocked myself but I’m going to be 100% true and give you all the details of our crazy life - The Good The Bad & The Autism